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   Quantum Bulls - The Finance Club

Objective of the Club

  1. To provide members hands on experience in the field of finance by organizing workshops which fosters an environment of continuous learning.
  2. To provide a platform for industry institute interaction and communication among Happy Valley-ians and their alumni.
  3. To assist members in preparing for a career in finance.

Recent Programs organized by Financial Club

1. Orientation Lecture on Capital Markets Dealers module Mr.Naveen.C.S, Assistant Manager of National Stock Exchange of India Ltd was the resource person for this workshop which trained the students for the NCFM exam.

2. Financial Education workshop for Young Investors This workshop was conductedwith an intention to spread basic financial awareness among people, so that they can make sound financial decisions. There were 50 participants in the workshop. The resource Person was Dr.R.R.Rajamohan, Certified financial education trainer of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)