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i-Phone to EVs – The Wistron Way

Updated: May 16, 2023

The Taiwanese electronics giant Wistron is expanding its business from i-phone manufacturing to manufacturing Electric Vehicles in India. Wistron, a $ 30 billion original design manufacturer (OMD) from Taiwan Partnered with Optiemus, a Delhi based company, to manufacture and export i-phones from India.

These two companies, having cross-corporate investments, formed an alliance to make mainly i-phones, IT hardware and Telecom products and are now exploring the possibility of manufacturing e-vehicles.

Wistron is not new to e-vehicles. Many years ago, it had teamed up with Chinese Automaker NIO to make electric control systems for cars.

The strategic alliance will design and manufacture tablets, laptops, hearables, wearables, telecom products, IOT, industrial IOT, smart meters and electric vehicles or EV products under contract manufacturing.

Optiemus, the Indian partner, is already eligible for Production Linked Incentives (PLI) from Indian government for mobile devices and IT hardware. This is an advantage for these two companies to leverage to manufacture mass-priced products for the global market.

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