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Indians are No longer Apaches in US

Updated: May 16, 2023

Indians are dubbed as ‘model minority’ in the US for learning and progressing to prosperity. Indians living in America pursue education with religions fervent. The US national figure is 34% when it comes to college graduates, whereas it is 79% among Indians as per the recent US census data of the US.

Median Family Income (in $)

Only 14% Indians have family income less than $ 40,000 in comparison with 33% nationally. Top 25% Indian households earn more than $ 2,00,000 compared to the national figure of 8%.

There are four million Indians living in the US, of which 1.6 million are visa holders, 1.4 million are naturalized US citizens and the rest 1 million are US born citizens.

Obviously, India sends the best and brightest minds to the US. The brain drain is too much. Succinctly, Indians are the Rich among the wealthiest in the US.

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