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Headteacher's Welcome

Meet Our Teachers

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Tina Alba

1st Grade

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Mark Jones

2nd Grade

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Reece Peters

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

6th Grade

Principal's Welcome

Bina Principal

The future of the world is in front of me in my classroom!

That is how I see it, and so the MBA program at HVBS is tailored to be unique and is differentiated in  its approach to teaching. Understanding how to  take action  on what we learn is as important as learning the concept. The cohort of 120 every year get seasoned to enter the world of business with our meticulously planned and executed program.

The 2 years program would definitely add different dimension to your life and equips you to become competent and responsible managers.

I invite you to a unique and rewarding journey with HVBS with its MBA program that integrates the best of teaching, learning and experiential practices, where every student is an active participant, not a passive consumer, who is given an education that connects the Will to Know with the Will to Become.

Look forward to helping you build a great future!

Dr. T. Bina , Principal

Meet The Team

175 years of Cumulative years of experience 


Dr. C. Kanagaraj 

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Professor - Business Economics 


Dr. T. Bina

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Professor - Marketing 

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