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Dr.T.Bina, Principal on Elets TV

Updated: May 17, 2023

18 Oct 2022

Massive changes are happening in the current education scenario. In interaction with us at Elets 14th Higher Education Summit, Dr. Bina T, Director, Happy Valley Business School, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Telangana shared insights on how education is embracing transformation to give maximum to students. The Elets 14th Higher Education Summit was an excellent platform to learn from best practices being embraced by others, she said. The summit was held on 7thy October 2022 in Chennai.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Elets Technomedia, the premier technology and media research organisation of Asia and the Middle East, has spread its wings in India and across the world over the years Since 2003 it’s been championing the cause of the governments, building knowledge-sharing platforms and highlighting importance of ICT for governance, health, education, urban development, and banking and finance sectors through conferences, publications, and knowledge portals.

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