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NDLI - Library Literacy Programme

Happy Valley Business School, Coimbatore arranged an offline Library Literacy Programme. This initiative represents a significant step forward in our commitment to fostering a culture of lifelong learning and empowering our student through the incredible power of knowledge. The online registration of the event started on 10.10.2023. Out of total 331 registered members in NDLI club, 109 participants attended the event.

Mrs. Nimmy, Librarian had organized the programme and welcomed the resource person Mr. Arun Chandran and Dr. G. Thiruvasagam.

Mr. Arun Chandran, Asst. Professor, Happy Valley Business School, was the resource person of the event. Programme started at 3.00P.M and introduction session was done by Mrs. Nimmy KS, Librarian- Happy Valley Business School.

Mr. Arun Chandran in his presentation gave information regarding E-learning of the opportunity it offers to the student in getting information about several topics from a subject, introduction to NDLI, reason for its formation, the resources in NDLI, accessibility to users etc. He explained the resources, contents, different formats of the contents, searching filters, languages covered and method of search and retrieval of documents from NDLI portal and ways to narrow down the search results. He also explained the difference between registered users of NDLI and how the registered users can get benefited. The information shared was informative.

Programme ended with note and vote of thanks given by Dr. G. Thiruvasagam-Associate Professor, Happy Valley Business School.

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